Here’s how to get the most extended flooring lifespan

Here’s how to get the most extended flooring lifespan

Pick high-quality flooring just right for the space in which it is being installed, treat it with care, and then enjoy it for a long time.
Your floors are off to a good start when you shop at Stateline Custom Floors in Pepperell, MA because they are made of hard-wearing materials and installed by our flooring company, which boasts experienced installers.


There are a few things to consider when trying to figure out which floor covering is best for a particular spot in your home. Some of these considerations are

●       presence of pets or children

●       the function of the space

●       level of activity

●       amount of sunlight

●       amount of moisture

●       maintenance required

No limitations

Generally, new floors will work in most locations of your home as long as you pick the type designed for your needs.
For example, engineered wood, with its moisture-tolerant plywood base and hardwood layer, is preferable to solid wood in a room that has a concrete subfloor, and a pet-friendly carpet is best if you have a dog. Luxury vinyl, though, is a go-anywhere flooring.

Proper care

It doesn't take much effort to properly care for today's new floors.

●       First, place a doormat outside and inside entryways to keep dirt to a minimum.

●       Next, sweep or vacuum daily to remove particles that might damage the flooring over time.

●       Finally, damp mop hard surface flooring once a week to remove spills and grime.  

Our full-service flooring store

In addition to residential and commercial installation, Stateline Custom Floors offers services like area rug binding.

Our flooring store serves an area in Massachusetts that includes Lunenburg, Townsend, Acton, Westford, Concord, and Littleton, as well as an area in New Hampshire that provides Lake Winnipesaukee, Brookline, and Hollis.

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